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Food grade Silica

 Food grade silica  is a inorganic polymer colloidal material formed by the condensation of silicic acid,its main components are nH2O and SiO2,composed percentage more than 98%,Non-toxic and tasteless,stable camical nature. It doesn't react with any acid and alkali salt except of caustic alkali and hydrofluoric acid Under normal conditions. As it is a kind of colloid structure,it has a lot of micro holes and a large specific surface area. Food grade silica pore diameter is about 8-10nm, the specific surface area of 300-500m2/g, and the surface is hydrophilic, the water has a strong absorption capacity,In the high humidity, the amount of water can reach up to 80%-100% of its own weight,So the food grade silica can be used as external desiccant for food and medicine.Because food grade silica is refined and sterilized, it can be fixed with food and drug products directly to ensure that food is dry and used as food together, while no toxic side effects on the human body.
1 non-toxic, no odor, high transparency, not yellow change
2 soft, good elasticity, anti kink deformation
3 non cracking, long life, high temperature resistance
4 has a higher tear strength and superior electrical performance
Mainly used for the complex mold of food, chocolate mold, candy mold, precision casting, as well as carbon fiber composite material,
Food cake mold, ceramics, printing, cloning of human organs, household appliances, lighting products, silicone ice tray, silicone nipple
The excellent properties of food grade silica are also widely used in the kitchen tool products, such as cooking utensils, tableware, bowls, baby tableware, spoons, all kinds of utensils, etc
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